Most patients are happy with the results of their breast augmentation surgery, but problems can occur, and if they do, you need to know how to correct them. But what are the best practices if you’ve experienced a botched breast augmentation, or you’re unhappy with the results of surgery.

Breast augmentation gone wrong
If your breast augmentation is ‘botched’ it was either done badly, or did not turn out as expected. This may be due to surgical complications such as implant malposition. This refers to implants that don’t sit well on the chest wall, and may have shifted after surgery, giving the breasts an asymmetrical appearance.

‘Botched’ breast enhancement results may also occur because of the inexperience and inadequate training of the surgeon. That’s why it’s so important that patients always choose a highly skilled board certified plastic surgeon, with extensive experience in performing breast augmentation surgery.

If you’ve experienced a ‘botched’ breast augmentation, revision breast augmentation is recommended.

Revision breast augmentation
Revision breast augmentation surgery is done to address cosmetic or other concerns after initial breast enhancement. Breast revision surgery may involve changing the size or type of the existing breast implants, or it may correct a complication such as implant malposition or capsular contracture.

Revision breast augmentation may also be done to improve the look and feel of the breasts. Some women are unhappy with the unnatural appearance of their breasts after surgery. There are times when the implant may be positioned either too high or too low. The plastic surgeon must consider the unique needs of each patient, when doing revision breast augmentation.

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