Plastic surgery is a specialized field, so you should be a lot more meticulous about choosing your plastic surgeon, than you are about choosing your mechanic. Unfortunately many people aren’t, sothey end up regretting their choice of surgeon, and dissatisfied and unhappy with the results of their plastic surgery. Board certification is easily the most important requirement to look for in a plastic surgeon. Why is board certification in a plastic surgeon so important? Here are a few reasons below.

Board certification in plastic surgery is an indication of a surgeon’s:

  • Training: Before receiving certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), a surgeon must undergo 5 years of surgical training after medical school, and that includes a plastic surgery residency program. This training ensures that the surgeon gains the technical skills and aesthetic sensibilities it takes to be a good plastic surgeon. You are certainly taking a risk if you choose a plastic surgeon that does not have this specialized training.


  • Expertise: A board certified plastic surgeon has the expertise it takes to perform cosmetic surgery safely, and skilfully. This expertise is acquired during training, and additional skills are honed when procedures are regularly performed over several years. An experienced board certified plastic surgeon can be expected to provide the proper level of care needed for your procedure. They also have the capability to any complications that may arise during surgery.


  • Continuous Learning:Plastic surgeons who are active members of the ABPS undergo continuous learning and self-assessment. That means they have to keep up-to-date with new techniques and surgical approaches, and look for ways in which they can increase their knowledge.

When choosing a plastic surgeon it is vitally important that you exercise due diligence, it can make all the difference to your safety, and the successful outcome of your procedure.