Sagging breasts is a concern for many women, but breast lift surgery can improve their shape and firmness.If you’re considering a breast lift, chances are you have many concerns about the procedure. One of the questions many women ask about a breast lift is – Will a breast lift make my breasts look bigger.

Breast Lift
A breast liftalso known as mastopexy, is a surgical procedure that is done to elevate the breasts on the chest wall. During the procedure the surgeon will lift and reshape the breast tissue, and tighten the breast skin. In addition, the nipples usually have to be repositioned, so that they are once again centrally located. There are various techniques that can be used to perform a breast lift.

Will a breast lift make your breasts larger?
The focus of the breast lift is the shape of the breasts, not the size. Mastopexy is not done to add volume; therefore it will not make your breasts larger, as is the case with breast augmentation.

After a breast lift your breasts will look essentially the same. They will not necessarily look bigger or smaller.

However, doing a breast lift can create some upper pole fullness, and make the breasts perkier, so it may appear as if there is some minimal increase in breast size. A breast lift relocates the breasts to a much higher up on the chest, and this can also make them seem larger.

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